TS Indiramma Indlu Scheme Details | Starts From 11 March

The Telangana government is contemplating the launch of the Indiramma Indlu scheme, with a detailed announcement scheduled for March 11. Under this initiative, the government of Telangana plans to provide financial assistance of up to 5 lakh rupees for house building in a phased manner. Additionally, those without any personal land will be allotted free land along with certain facilities.

The Indiramma Illu scheme will be exclusively shortlisted based on ration cards, meaning only ration card holders are eligible for the scheme. Further details and comprehensive information will be disclosed during the announcement on March 11. We encourage our citizens to read the complete article to gain in-depth knowledge about the TS Indiramma Indlu scheme.

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INC party which ruled india 55 Years but did nothing. The INC Party promised a guarantee scheme in Telangana in their manifesto. Now, they are actively working to implement all schemes within the first 100 days. In recent news, the government has released guidelines regarding the Indiramma Indlu scheme in Telangana, and a complete list and other details are available on the official portal.

The Indiramma Indlu scheme provides financial support of up to 5 lakhs. Alternatively, a free housing plot of 80 square yards will be provided to those who currently do not own land for a house. Strict guidelines about eligibility and support have been outlined.

  • Only holders of White Ration Cards are eligible.
  • Must be permanent citizens of Telangana (residing in Telangana for at least 8 years).
  • Must fall under the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category.
  • BPL families without any land ownership are eligible.
  • Land Allotment (For Landless)
  • Financial Assistance (For Land Owners)
  • Increased Plot Size (For Activists)

Firstly, eligible citizens under the Indiramma Indlu scheme can acquire 80 square yards of land, with financial assistance of up to 5 lakhs provided for house construction. Beneficiary selection is based on ration card eligibility, with top priority given to BPL individuals. The Praja Palana application serves as sufficient registration for this purpose.

Under this initiative, individuals who own land but lack housing on it can receive up to 5 lakhs rupees for construction in phased installments. This assistance is exclusively for ration card holders, particularly those in the BPL category. The construction financial aid will be distributed in four phases:

  1. After Basement Construction: 1 lakh
  2. Roof Level: 1 lakh
  3. After Roof Construction: 2 lakhs
  4. After Construction: 1 lakh

To be eligible and avail this scheme, interested individuals must visit and provide their details at the respective collectorate office.

Telangana movement activists and fighters are entitled to receive a plot of 200 square yards of land along with construction assistance. The government has not yet provided specific details, and interested parties are suggested to contact the concerned collector’s office for more information.

  • Citizens who have a ration card.
  • Only citizens who have applied through the Praja Palana application and chosen the Indiramma Illu scheme.
  • Those living in Telangana for more than 8 years and are still in the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category.
  • For one village, 200 houses will be sanctioned.
  • In total, for one constituency, 3,500 houses have been sanctioned.
  • The house construction should be completed within the allocated budget of 5 lakhs.
  • Beneficiaries can design and build their houses as per their preference.
  • However, the house must include a kitchen and a toilet.

Supervision: The District Collector will supervise the house construction in all districts.
Other local officers, up to the MLA level, will also be involved in the supervision process.

Applying for the Indiramma Indlu Scheme online will only be considered as a Praja Palana application. This means that only those who have applied through the Praja Palana application and selected the Indiramma Indlu Scheme option are eligible. There is no alternative option available.

If you have not applied or chosen the Praja Palana Scheme, you can visit your respective Collector’s office with the required documents. Please check the list of documents below:

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Ration card
  3. Aadhar cards of family members
  4. Address proof
  5. Caste certificate
  6. Income certificate.

Definite guidelines for qualifications may be disclosed later for individuals seeking participation in the program.

With the commitment of a complimentary plot and financial support, this initiative empowers individuals and families to construct their residences.

Indiramma Indlu Housing Scheme Launch Date?

The Indiramma Indlu housing scheme was officially launched on March 11, 2024, although it was mentioned in the manifesto before the election.

Maximum Financial Assistance for Indiramma Indlu House Construction:

Under the Indiramma Illu Pathakam, each family that holds land is eligible for financial assistance of up to 5 lakhs for house construction.

First Priority Beneficiaries:

Individuals who have already applied for the Praja Palana scheme and hold a ration card are given first priority in the allocation of benefits under the Indiramma Indlu scheme.

Land Allocation for Landless People for Indiramma Illu Scheme

Landless families are entitled to receive up to 80 square yards of land under the Indiramma Indlu scheme, along with financial assistance of up to 50 lakhs for house construction.

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