How to Apply Marriage Certificate in Telangana | Apply, Fee’s, Download

Are you looking for apply Marriage Certificate in TS, so you are in right place, today in this i will provide you all the details and application process.

A marriage Certificate legal Certificate or Document which Proves that the Bridegroom and groom marriage is Registered with the Government. It is a very important document for newly married couples that allows them to Change/Add the Bride’s name in the Aadhaar, PAN, Voter, Passport, Ration Card, …etc. Here let’s see how to Apply for a Marriage Certificate In Telangana State.

apply marriage certificate telanganaa

To apply Telangana Marriage Certificate Bride, the Groom Must have valid Documents such as ID proofs, Address proofs, Wedding card, Wedding Photo(Visible to Both Bride and groom Clearly) and Most importantly 3 witness ID proofs such as Aadhaar, PAN, Voter with Consisting Address in Telangana.

Witness ID proofs must include an address that belongs to Telangana. The last name/Surname of the witness should not match the last name/Surname of the bride or groom.

Required Documents

  • ID Proof:- Aadhaar, Pan, Voter, Passport.
  • Date of Birth Proof:- SSC Certificate, Passport, Pan, Any Study Certificate.
  • Address Proof: Aadhaar, Gas Bill, Voter Card, Passport, Residence Certificate, Any valid Utility Bills.
  • Wedding Card
  • Wedding Photo
  • 3 Witness ID Proofs including an address that belongs to Telangana.

In Telangana, you can register your marriage under two acts: the Hindu Marriage Act and the Special Marriage Act. Today, Now here we will see how to apply for marriage registration under the Hindu Marriage Act.

  • Bride, she must be at least 18 years old.
  • The groom must be at least 21 years old.
  • One of you needs to show proof of residence
  • Provide your wedding invitation card.
  • You need to apply online and pay the required fee.
  • Submit a photo of the marriage ceremony with both of you.

Before applying for Marriage Certificate in Telangana you need to scan your documents in jpg format in size Under 200KB. Follow Below steps to Apply Marriage Certificate Telangana:

Visit the Official Telangana Registration & Stamp Department Portal Click Here

Click on the Login Button located on the Top Right Side.

Apply Marriage Certificate in Telangana

You will see a page like this.

Select the Hindu Marriage Registration option.

Apply Marriage Certificate in Telangana

After you will see a page like this where you can see Requirements and Precautions details.

Click on the Go To Marriage Registration.

Apply Marriage Certificate in Telangana

Here is the application with 6 Basic sections:- Bridegroom Details, Groom details, Witness Details, Venue Details, Registration office details and Last Upload Section.

In the first Section “Bridegroom Details” you have to enter Groom(Boy) Details.

 Apply Marriage Certificate Telangana

In the Second Section “Bride Details” you have to enter the bride’s Before surname/last name and After Surname/last name separately and remain as well.

 Apply Marriage Certificate Telangana

In the Third Section “Witness Details” enter 3 witness details continuously and upload their valid ID proof.

 Apply Marriage Certificate Telangana

In the Fourth and Fifth Sections ” Venue and Registration office Details” enter your marriage address and marriage date in the venue section, and select the nearest Registration office that you have visite for Registration and on the selected Date in the Registration office section.

 Apply Marriage Certificate Telangana

In the last section Uploading, select your document type and upload your document in jpg under 200KB.

 Apply Marriage Certificate Telangana

Now click on the Submit Button and you will see a page like this check your details again because these details can’t be edited.

 Apply Marriage Certificate Telangana

Continue to the Final submit option, and download your application. Your online application process is done now.

 Apply Marriage Certificate Telangana
  • This How you can Apply For Marriage Certificate in Telangana

Fee’s Payment

After the application process Fee’s payment can be done in 2 ways.

  1. Online Payment by TS T app Folio
Apply Marriage Certificate in Telangana
T App Folio

2. Offline Process by direct payment at the registration office.

  • After completing the application process, it’s important to visit the registration office on the selected date. Provide all necessary documents to the Sub-Registrar.
  • The Sub-Registrar will review your documents.
  • If everything is correct, they will officially record your marriage.

Once your documents are verified, you’ll be issued your marriage certificate.
This certificate is your legal proof of marriage recognition.

The Telangana Marriage Certificate is importance for married couples. It serves various purposes, especially for brides, allowing them to change names, update relative details, and addresses. Additionally, and mostly used for passport applications. In Telangana, applying for and obtaining a marriage certificate is a straightforward process. It’s easily accessible online and offline, by some basic documents. The online process for a marriage certificate in Telangana costs around Rs. 150-250.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where do I need to visit for document verification and submission?

Selected the office that was chosen during the application process. Which is in the fifth section of the application process “Registration Office”. You can select any nearest Registration office.

What the Uses of Marriage Certificate

To change or add the bride’s surname/last name in documents such as Aadhaar, PAN, Voter ID, Passport, Ration Card, etc., and it is also a valid document for visa applications for both spouses.

Where can I Apply Certificate?

You can apply for a marriage certificate either at your local marriage registration office or online through the official government website. We recommend applying online for convenience and then visiting the Registration office for verification.

How to find the nearest Sub-Registrar office

Just Search “Nearest Sub-Registrar Office” in the browser, click on the first link, enter your district, Mandal and Village and submit, Here you will see Registration Office details with the address.

How long does it take to receive the marriage certificate after verification?

After verification at the Registration Office, you can expect to receive your marriage certificate within 2-4 hours. The processing time may vary depending on the office’s workload.

What is the fee for marriage registration in Telangana?

For Hindu Marriage Registration, it’s Rs.200-300.
For Special Marriage Registration, it’s Rs.300-500.

What are the benefits of getting a marriage certificate in Telangana?

To change the bride’s surname/last name in documents such as Aadhaar, PAN, Voter ID, Passport, Ration Card, etc., and it is also a valid document for visa applications for both spouses.

What is the procedure for a lost or damaged marriage certificate in Telangana?

As of now, there is no online option to download the marriage certificate. You will need to visit the same registration office where you initially applied to obtain your certificate.

What is the difference between a Hindu marriage and a Special marriage in Telangana?

Hindu Marriage: Hindu marriages in Telangana are governed by the Hindu Marriage Act, of 1955. No notice is needed.
Special Marriage: Special marriages are conducted under the Special Marriage Act, of 1954. The Special Marriage Act requires a 30-day notice period before the marriage can take place.

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