Telangana Mahila Shakti Scheme 2024 | Eligibility, Documents, Apply

Telangana’s Chief Minister recently launched a scheme called Mahila Shakti Scheme. This scheme helps Self-Help Group (SHG) members of the state. Mahila Shakti Scheme was launched on March 12, 2024. This scheme is launched to uplift the SHG entrepreneurs. Under this scheme, SHGs will get a loan amount at a 0% interest rate. With this, 63 lakh women in SHGs will benefit. Let’s see the complete details in this blog.

SchemeTelangana Mahila Shakti Scheme
Launched onMarch 12, 2024
Launched ByTelangana CM Reventh
AimTo Provide Financial Assistance
BeneficiariesAll TS Women’s
Mahila Shakti Scheme Highlights

On March 12, 2024, the Telangana government released a new scheme Mahila Shakti Scheme for SHG members. Under this scheme, 63 women are converting from lakhpati to crorepati. The scheme was already running in the state, but not efficiently. Now, the new government has renamed the scheme and is encouraging the uplifting of SHG women to grow their lives by their own.

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The Telangana government conducted a meeting on March 12 at Parade Grounds, Hyderabad. Thousands of SHG members attended, and here the government unveiled the Mahila Shakti policy. Let’s see the benefits of the Mahila Shakti Programme.

The Telangana Mahila Shakti Scheme is an initiative launched by the Government of Telangana. The Mahila Shakti Scheme main Objective is to empower women by providing them with the financial assistance, tools, and support they need to be financially independent, socially equal, and politically active. It is designed to address the multifaceted challenges faced by women and enhance their participation in the state’s development process.

  • Financial Support: Under this scheme, SHGs receive interest-free loans to start or grow their businesses or for other further needs.
  • Life Insurance Security: In the first phase of implementation of Mahila Shakti, 63 lakh SHGs receive life insurance. This ensures that in case of an accident or natural death, their loan becomes settled and doesn’t burden the family.
  • Skill Building: Also, in the Mahila Shakti programme, new skills and trainings will be provided in different areas like farming, crafts, computers, or healthcare to find better jobs or start their own businesses.
  • Raising Awareness: By participating in skill programmes and awareness programmes, SHGs gain good awareness in different fields from others.
  • Self-Independence: Lastly, they become their own boss and achieve self-independence.

Before participating, it is essential to know who is eligible for the Mahila Shakti Programme. There are specific conditions and eligibility criteria for this scheme:

  1. Must be a Telangana citizen.
  2. Only women are eligible.
  3. Only Self-Help Group members can avail of these benefits.
  4. Must have proper documents.
  5. Government officers, working professionals, and high-income women are not eligible.

As of now, the government has not released a proper implementation process anywhere, so the exact documents required for the Mahila Shakti Scheme are not clear. However, these are the basic documents we can expect:

  • Aadhaar card
  • SHG member card
  • Bank passbook
  • Contact details
  • Income, caste, and residence certificates(Optional)
  • Photos

As we mentioned earlier, the Mahila Shakti program has been recently launched and is not yet fully operational, lacking proper guidelines and a portal. Therefore, if any Self-Help Group (SHG) wishes to apply for it, they can do so.

If you are a member of an SHG and meet all eligibility criteria, please contact the head of your SHG members‘ group and provide all the required documents mentioned above. Additionally, provide any other relevant documents explaining why you are applying for this scheme.

The SHG’s head will verify the documents and send them for further processing. This process may take some time, so please be patient. Essentially, the government disburses funds in batches, so it takes time for the funds to be released. When the government receives a batch of applications, the amount is released all at once.

The Telangana Mahila Shakti Scheme has reintroduced a loan scheme where women’s groups can avail loans from banks, and upon timely repayment, the state government reimburses the amount. Every six months, the government ensures prompt reimbursement to these women’s groups. Additionally, the government is implementing several other programs for women’s groups. In cases of member deaths or unforeseen circumstances, loans taken by the group are fully waived. Each group in a village can avail loans up to a maximum of Rs. 1 crore. Initially, five villages in each district will be eligible for loans up to Rs. 5 crores. Moreover, the government plans to establish mini-industrial parks in every constituency to support women entrepreneurs.

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