How to Apply for an Income Certificate in Telangana

Obtaining an income certificate is a crucial document as it serves as proof of an individual’s income for various government schemes, scholarships, admissions, and employment purposes. Telangana has simplified the process of applying for an income certificate through the Meeseva portal.Let’s see how to apply for an Income certificate in Telangana.

Income Certificate in Telangana

What is Income Limit For Income Certificate

The income limit for an income certificate is based on various terms and the specific policies and guidelines set by the state government.

Most of times Income limit set as:

For Urban area:-₹2,00,000

For Rural area:- ₹1,50,000

Note:-It will depend on various Different Schemes and Policies.

What documents required for Income certificate In Telangana

  1. Application Form (not mandatory for Citizen login)
  2. Passport Size photo
  3. Ration card /EPIC Card/AADHAR Card
  4. Copy of IT returns/Pay Slips
  5. Address proofs

Where we can apply For Income Certificate In Telangana

  • Offline Meeseva Center
  • Directly Through at MRO office
  • Online Meeseva Citizen Login

How to Apply for an Income Certificate in Telangana

  • Visit Official Telangana Meeseva Portal

To start applying for an income certificate first access the Meeseva Official portal.

ts meeseva income certificate

The URL is:- Click Here

  • Login/Register

If you already have a meeseva login ,enter your credential and login.

If you don’t have any register your account with your personal details.This will create a citizen login for you.

Click here to see “how to create Meeseva Citizen Login”.

ts meeseva portal login
  • Login into the Citizen Portal, after you will see page like this,there are so many services for income certificate click on the “Certificates”.
income certificate apply
  • Now Click on Income Certificate Service
applyincome - certificate in ts (1)
  • Fill all your details correctly and upload your documents 
income certificate

Note:-Documents accept only PDF except photo,all documents size should less than 3MB

  • Now submit an application and select the payment option(for UPI payments click on the “Bank/Wallet”option.
  • Pay the Payment of ₹45 and continue you will get a receipt like this, copy the transaction number or application number and track it regularly.
Income certificate apply telangana

How to Track MeeSeva Application Status?

First copy or Note your application number and Visit MeeSeva Official Portal home page,Click on “Know your application status”,enter your number and captcha,in the status bar you will see your application status.

Where can I collect the certificate?

After your income certificate application is approved and processed, you can collect the certificate from the designated Meeseva center. In Telangana, Meeseva centers are established at various locations across the state. That’s How you can get Income Certificate in Telangana.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the validity of an income certificate in Telangana?

The income certificate is valid for the financial year mentioned in the certificate. So, if the certificate is issued in April 2023, it will be valid until March 2024. This means that you will need to apply for a new income certificate every year if you need it for any purpose.

Note:-Financial Year means from 1st April to next year 31st March

Which department issues Income certificates in Telangana?

In Telangana, the Revenue Department of MRO office is responsible for issuing income certificates. The department oversees a range of responsibilities, including land records, property tax, revenue administration, and certification of income for various purposes such as government schemes and benefits.

Where can I apply for an income certificate in Telangana?

Any Nearest Meeseva Center
Directly Through at MRO office
Online Meeseva Citizen Login

Who can apply for an income certificate in Telangana?

Any person who is a resident of Telangana can apply for an income certificate. The applicant must be provide valid documents.

How much does it cost to apply for an income certificate in Telangana?

Online application:- Rs.45
Offline Process:- Rs.100

How long does it take to get an income certificate in Telangana?

It generally takes 7-10days to get the certificate in Telangana. The processing time for an income certificate depending on the workload of the MRO.

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