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Landowners who are thinking of applying for TS bPASS Building Permission can find complete details in this article. Building permission is a crucial document required before constructing a new building, or renovating, or extending an existing one. It ensures transparency in building plan approvals and facilitates an efficient and quick process easily online from any location.

ts bpass building permission, apply, documents, fee, strucuture, timeline, complete guide.

TS bPASS stands for Telangana State Building Permission Approval & Self Certification System. It is a one-stop online platform for processing building permissions in Telangana state. TS bPASS not only provides building permission but also offers several other services like:

The TS bPASS portal is easy to use and quick website, with the following salient features:

  • Online process
  • Simplified process
  • Safe & secure
  • First of its kind
  • Mobile responsive
  • 3-step approval process

Building permission is the most important authorized document one has to obtain to construct or renovate a building. Building permission is formally issued by the local authority. It ensures that the construction adheres to safety regulations, zoning laws, and urban development plans. Every building must follow local authority rules, regulations, and norms.

One must apply for it before starting construction of a building from the portal or authorities.

Building permission application is mandatory to construct a building. This helps the government maintain proper records, and it serves as important legal proof for you. Landowners should apply before constructing, including the person whose name appears on the land ownership documents. Authorized representatives can also apply for the landowner if they cannot do so themselves.

Before applying, you must have the proper documents. Check below for the required documents for TS bPASS.

  • First and foremost, obtaining utilities like water and electricity connections and others.
  • Prevents unauthorized construction that can disrupt urban planning.
  • Ensures adherence to safety standards and building codes.
  • Protects property value and neighborhood aesthetics.

Mainly, building permission regularizes your building according to government regulations, providing safety, utility facilities, and making it easier to obtain other permissions and approvals.

Required Documents for TS bPASS Building Permission:

  1. Landowner documents
  2. Land ownership documents
  3. Building plans prepared by a certified engineer/architect
  4. Safety certificates
  5. NOC from local authorities
  6. Photo of owner and land
  7. Others such as CC, EC, OC, etc.
  1. TS bPASS Building Permission can vary slightly based on location and plan. Check the official portal for clear details.

This guide will explain how to apply for building permission on the TS-bPASS website.

  • Go to the TS-bPASS website:
  • Click on “Apply Now”.
  • Select the building permission option.
  • Now, you will encounter a new page with three options. Select the one that applies to you (see below for clarification):
    • a) Instant Registration (0-75 sq. yards) up to 7 meter height for individual residential buildings only.
    • b) Instant Approval (75 sq. yards to 500 sq. meters) up to 10 meter height for individual residential buildings.
    • c) All Other Categories & Individual Residential Buildings (i.e., Single Window approval for all above 500 sq. meters and above 10 meter height).
  • After that, the main application page will open with sections like: Applicant Details, Plot Details, Building Details, and Review & Submit.
  • Applicant Details: You’ll be asked to enter your details like name, phone number, and address. Create a password if this is your first time using the website.
    • If you’ve already registered, enter your phone number and password to log in.
ts bpass building permission apply, fee, timeline, documents, complete  application guide
  • Plot Details: Now, you’ll fill in details about your plot, including address, size, and ownership documents (like sale deed). Attach a photo of the plot as well.
    • Provide details about property tax and vacant land tax (VLT) payments, if applicable.
    • Mention if your plot is part of an approved layout or has any relevant approvals.
    • If some construction has already begun on the plot, give details about the built-up area and add photos.
ts bpass building permission, apply, documents, fee, strucuture, timeline, complete guide.
  • Building Details: In the “Building Details” section, choose “New” for a new building and “Individual Residential” for the purpose.
    • Enter the number of floors you plan to build. Uploading a building plan (PDF) is optional.
    • Fill in the details about the surrounding area, including existing and proposed road widths.
    • Enter the market value of your plot and upload a market value certificate (if available).
    • The system will calculate any mandatory setbacks from property lines. You can optionally enter your own setbacks if you want more space.
    • If your plot is larger than 200 square meters, you may need to upload a mortgage document.
ts bpass building permission, apply, documents, fee, strucuture, timeline, complete guide.
  • Review & Submit: Review the application to ensure all details are correct. There will be some declarations you need to agree to before submitting. Read and agree to them, then continue to submit.
ts bpass building permission, apply, documents, fee, strucuture, timeline, complete guide.
  • Payment: Depending on the type of approval, you will be asked to complete the payment.

Once submitted, you should receive your acknowledgment number and receipt on the screen.

If you’ve applied for building permission, it might take some time for approval, depending on your type of permission. Some permissions get instantly approved, while others need time.

Here’s how you can track your TS bPASS building permission application status:

  1. After you’ve submitted your application, you’ll see an option to track your application. Just click on it.
  2. Another way is to log in to the portal using your previous credentials. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see the option to track your application in the top corner. Click on it to find the status of your building permission, like in the example shown below.
ts bpass building permission application status check process

Since the Telangana state split from Andhra Pradesh in 2014, getting approval for construction has become super easy. Telangana has made it simple for anyone to apply for building permissions and other stuff. You just need to click a few buttons, Plus, approvals happen in a quickly.

But, if you’re facing any issue related to this then consult to a licensed architect or engineer. They can help make sure your building plan follows all the regulations.

And if you run into any small problems with the website. Just check out the FAQ section on the TS bPASS portal.


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