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MeeSeva Portal is the official site for accessing all Govt services provided by Govt. MeeSeva is a Government to Citizens (G2C),citizen-to-Government (C2G) and business-to-citizen(B2C) Service provider by the Government of Telangana Developed by Telangana State Technology Services(TSTS). Both AP and TS provides Citizen login options for citizen, where citizen can use all services without going centers.

Let’s get see, and discuss how to create a Telangana MeeSeva citizen login in just 10 minutes and gain access to all Telangana services.

How to Create Telangana MeeSeva Citizen Login

Now Telangana MeeSeva Portal provides over 130 Government services, from 40 Government Departments and 600 related services.

The term “MeeSeva” meaning in Telugu is “At your service“, a great step to making government services easily accessible to citizens. The Telangana government continually expanded the range of services offered through TS MeeSeva. This transformed it into a useful platform for accessing a wide array of government services. MeeSeva played a vital role in the e-governance landscape of Telangana. It remained a crucial tool for citizens to effortlessly access a variety of government services. So MeeSeva Citizen login is very usefull to access services.

Who is eligible to use the TS MeeSeva Citizen login

The TS MeeSeva Citizen login is built for people who live in Telangana, India and want to use the MeeSeva portal for government services. This login helps them access and use the different services the portal offers in citizen login.

Uses of MeeSeva Citizen Login

MeeSeva Citizen Login Provides access to all Meeseva Services except some KYC-related and the latest schemes services. Creating a MeeSeva citizen login is extremely useful for accessing services hassle-free. To create this MeeSeva citizen login, you only require a valid mobile number.

Services Available on Meeseva Portal

Through MeeSeva Citizen Login in Telangana, users can access the following services:

  1. Certificates :- All Revenue Certificates like Caste Certificate, Income Certificate, Residence Certificate and also access CDMA, GHMC Birth and Death Certificates.
  2. Registrations :- Registration services like Society registration, Firm Registration, Apply for Encumbrance Certificate(EC), Certified Copies of TSLR, BYE Law, Registration Document, Firm Registration documents, Society Registration documents.
  3. Utility Bills:- we can pay bills like Electricity Bills,Water Connection Bills, Property Taxes, etc.
  4. RTA Services:– Services like LLR Slot Booking, Permanent Driving licence Slot Booking, etc.
  5. Government Schemes:– Schemes information, application forms, and updates related to a diverse range of government schemes, welfare programs, pensions, scholarships, and subsidies.
  6. Temple Seva Booking:– Seva Bookings like Seva Pooja Booking,Room Booking, etc.

  • Click on New User button located on right side. 
  • Select Login type as Citizen
meeseva citizen login
  • Now Create your Profile by entering your details and continue to submit, after you will get OTP to a given number, after entering OTP, you will redirect to the Login page.
meeseva citizen login create
  • Enter your Credential and Continue to Login.
ts meeseva portal login
  • Here Your MeeSeva Citizen login Home page. From here you can access all services, see below for Complete Services Guide.
ts meeseva homa page

MeeSeva Portal provides a Status option where you can check all application statuses, even if the application was submitted elsewhere. The process for checking the status of any service is the same for all applications.

  • Visit Official TS MeeSeva Portal home page.
  • Click on “Know Your Application Status” which located on right side.
Meeseva citizen login creations
  • Enter your application number, captcha in next page then you will know your application status in status bar.

TS MeeSeva Provides All Government Services and lot’s of Private services including Payments. Using TS MeeSeva to find and apply for services is easy. We’ll show you where to find services and what the uses of them.

  1. TSRTA:- RTA services like Driving license(DL), and learning license(LLR) slot bookings are done here.
  2. Revenue:- All Revenue services like Income, Community, Residence, OBC, EBC, LRBD, FMC, etc.
  3. GHMC:- All GHMC(Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation)operated location services done, like Birth, Death, late birth/death registration, GHMC tax, etc.
  4. EMunicipal-CDMA:- (Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration (CDMA))Similar to GHMC services but for Municipal area locations. Birth, Death, late birth/death registration, New water connection, tax payments, etc.
  5. TSSPDCL:- (Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Limited) Telangana state Electricity Bill payments.
  6. View/Print:-This is not a services this is for to track your applications or Know your application status.
  7. All Services:- If you still not find your desired service then you can find them in All services section.
  8. Search Box:- Or Just search your service name to find it.

Meeseva centers in Telangana are one-stop shops for government services. They offer a wide range of services. There are over 4,840 authorized service providers, more than 100 government authorized centers, and 760 TS Online Services Centers in Telangana. In Hyderabad city alone, there are over 1,000 Meeseva centers.

To locate a Meeseva center near you, you can below steps to find MeeSeva Center or You can also call the Meeseva toll-free number 1800-108-9711 for assistance.

  • Go to the TS MeeSeva Portal:
  • In the home page, find the services strip in the top.
  • Click on the “MeeSeva Centers” option, now you can see 2 options: Authorized Service Provider and Map View.
  • Click on Authorized Service Provider, or you can directly view the nearest Meeseva Center in Map View.
  • After clicking Authorized Service Provider, a complete Authorized Service Providers table will appear.
  • Find your district and Service Provider type and click on number showing beside it.
  • Now you can see all MeeSeva Centers List with Owner’s Name and exact location.

  • Any Queries / Grievances / Information
    • Parishkaram Call Center 1100/ 18004251110
  • Any Technical Clarifications (Online)
    • Meeseva Call Center 040 – 48560012 Mails to:
  • Technical Clarifications – WhatsApp Based Support (Only Through Messages)
    • WhatsApp Support – 1:- 9121006471
    • WhatsApp Support – 2:- 9121006472

Office Address
O/o The Commissioner, ESD (Meeseva), Road No.7, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500034.
Phone No : 040-23352849

Can We Access eKYC-Related Services through a Meeseva Citizen Login?

No, you should visit the nearest offline centre for eKYC services. The Meeseva department does not provide these services in the Citizen login.

What are the Payment options available in Citizen login?

MeeSeva Provides all types of Payment methods. UPI, Debit/Credit Card, Netbanking, Twallet, Meeseva Wallet.

How to Download MeeSeva Application Forms?

To download MeeSeva application forms, you can follow these general steps:

Visit the official MeeSeva website.
Look for a “Downloads” section.
Select the “Application forms” Option.
Click on the form’s link to download it in a PDF format.
You can then print the form and fill it out as required.

Can we do ePASS Biometric authentication in Meeseva Citizen Login?

No, as per MeeSeva departments do not available any eKYC-related services for Telangana Meeseva Citizen login. You must visit the offline centre.

Can we use the MeeSeva Citizen login in Mobile Phone?

Yes, you should be able to access the MeeSeva Citizen login on a mobile phone by visiting the official MeeSeva website using a web browser, but the user interface is slightly better on a Desktop.

How to track the MeeSeva application status?

To track the status of your MeeSeva application, you can generally follow these steps:

Visit the official MeeSeva website.
Look for a “Know your application status” section.
Enter the required details, such as your application reference number.
Click on the “Submit”.
The website should provide you with the current status of your application.

How can I get help with the TS Meeseva login?

If you have any problems with the TS Meeseva login, you can contact the TS Meeseva helpdesk. The helpdesk can be reached by phone, email, or live chat. Provide in home page “Contact Us” section

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