What Is APAAR ID Card

One Nation One Student ID Card

How To Create APAAR ID Card  Benefits

APAAR stands for “Automatic Permanent Academic Account Registry.” The card will be issued to all students from kindergarten to postgraduate level. It will contain a student’s name, date of birth, gender, address, and Aadhaar number.

Benefits of APAAR ID Card

Easier access to education Improved record keeping Enhanced security It stores all student data government to track students

How to Get APAAR card

– Go to the abc.gov.in website. – Click on the “My Account” field and select the “Student” option.

How to Get APAAR card

– The Digilocker login page will appear. Log in with your Digilocker credentials. – After logging in, enter your institute details

How to Get APAAR card

Enter Details such as: –Which institute you are -studying at -Academic year -Identity type -Identity value – Click on the “Submit” button

How to Get APAAR card

– Another page will appear. On this page, select your ID proof type and other details. Then, click on the “Submit” button. – Your APAAR card will be generated. Click on the “Download PDF” button to download your card to your device.

How to Get APAAR card

Note: The ABC ID card is an Aadhaar-linked card. Therefore, you must have an Aadhaar number to apply for a APAAR card

Implementation Schedule The government plans to begin issuing APAAR cards in 2024. The card will be rolled out gradually to all students in India. The APAAR card is a significant initiative that will make it easier for students to access education and other services.